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Do you loathe? March 7, 2007

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So much has happened during these past months. We have both mourned death and celebrated engagements. With every door that closes a new one seems to open, and while we miss those who have left us or been lost to us, we still fondly remember all those good times. We forge new friendships and learn that old friends are not always what they seem.

This community tends to follow every cliché and it’s still new, still fascinating or devastating. And though while we have our little dramas or our actual tragedies, we still seem to stay together as a whole. Still support each other like a community should.

I’m proud of that. Proud of the friends I have and the friends I will make.  Content to be a cliché.


Inconceivable August 1, 2006

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Once again I’m sorry for the heinous lack of updates, but I have a very reasonable excuse, I swear! I’ve been on a job search and it has paid off, I am now practically employed. All they have to do is finish the background check, where they can find out about this blog and my sordid affair with pastamancery. Nah, I doubt they care what games I play or what I write until it flags something for the government.

In other author related news, I am almost certainly going to KoL Con III. Hurrah! Of course that makes Otakon a remote possibility, mostly due to being hired. Speaking of being hired…

Congratulations to The DREAD Pirate Wesley on becoming Radio KoL’s newest DJ! Her first show was yesterday, which I missed, but I caught a bit of today’s show. It reminded me of sharing a room with my sister, but in a good way because my sister is the main reason for my love of 80s music. Besides, how could I not love a fellow Princess Bride fan?

Farewell Radio Free Foil July 20, 2006

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So Meranna mentioned on today’s show that the Radio Free Gear is no longer being made.  Apparently the new radio items have officially taken the place of the old radio gear as far as contests and giveaways go.  That’s not to say that they will never be given away, but it will probably be along the lines of DJs giving away ones that they already have, purchased or ones that have been donated by users.  Much like the Crimbo items.

As far as the Radio Button Candy goes?  NSurgnie has told me that no one knows if the DJs will continue to be given the RBCs, though ADeadHeart says she thinks that the DJs will still recieve the Radio Button Candy, but that “we all know things are subject to change.”

And as a bonus note, the three new servers are up and running!  You can now use servers six, sever or eight.  That means www6, www7, and www8.kingdomofloathing.com

Give me your heart and I’ll love you till Tuesday July 19, 2006

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I’m a fan of the new area. Not only does it have an interesting monster, but the ways people are beating the monster are also pretty amusing. I won’t spoil the methods, but some of them will probably show up on the KoL Forums or at soredandsaucery within the next few days.


Rumors, planning and confirmations, oh my! July 13, 2006

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GrokTheMad (#459384) has confirmed that Amp sent the new Radio KoL items out the the DJs last night, but that the items had been “in the works for nearly a year.” Thanks Grok! Everyone else I asked seemed to have missed my question. Busy, busy DJs!

And I promise that I will write that post on the new items, new inventory feature and that new mini-quest involving Doc Galaktik! Soon, I swear…

Dawn’s in trouble, it must be Tuesday. Wait, wrong fandom… July 12, 2006

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The radio does not exist to give us free crap, but that doesn’t prevent us from jumping up and down if we win something. And now? Now we have more things to squeal over like the geeks some of us are! Aside from the updates and new mini-quest related content New Radio KoL items have been rolled out and I have to say they look pretty neat.

One rumor was that the new rkol items were actually introduced on July 7th in honor of Radio KoL’s second anniversary, but I hadn’t seen anything about the new items until today. I’ll try my best to figure out why this is when I was told that they were in the system on the 7th. Click the ‘more’ link to see the items.

I also apologize for this not being as entertaining as I try to make my posts, but it is two in the morning and WordPress ate my previous post on this topic. Trust me when I say that that post was funnier. (more…)

We are not worthy, we are not worthy! July 9, 2006

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While I’m not actually in such awe that I would worship Riff Wayne’s World style, I am impressed and amused. Very, very amused. It really was a fun quest and I loved every moment of it. Granted, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, but that was part of the appeal. I was allowed to over-think it and no one could spoil it for me. It was shiny and new!

Good going Riff, as well as anyone else who may have been involved. You may not like my wanting to have “Birch Beer” as a KoL item, but you can do a damn good quest. I’m eager to find out what else you have in store for us, even if I might regret it.

Well, the way to man’s heart *is* supposed to be through his stomach. July 1, 2006

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The Flying Spaghetti Monster is one of my favorite things about the internet. I’m not quite sure why, but it’s probably the same reason most KoLers are enchanted with it. Pirates and well, noodles. When the declining number of pirates is linked to global warming, you just have to be amused.

It’s not just KoLers either, people all around are interested. Or amused at the very least, even my mother laughed when I was explaining the Flying Spaghetti Monster to her. Amusingly enough, he seems to be all around us once you start looking. From people drawing the FSM on the sidewalk, to his picture being hung in dorm rooms. There is even a guide teaching you how to make FSM jewelry. And let’s not forget In The Puddle, an online comic which has mentioned the Noodley Master a few times, the most recent being my favorite.


Have You Been Touched?

Tell me about it, stud. June 25, 2006

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I'm sorry, but this? This just makes me laugh. It's a Petition to Shut down Kingdom of loathing. Apparently it's already been linked to on the forums, but I missed it. ADeadHeart even mentioned that Skully signed it. A fair amount of KoLers have signed it as well, though in jest.

Why? Because it's poorly written and thus very, very funny. Terrible and actually innacurate reasons to shut down the game. Maybe it's a joke petition, somewhat similar to the fake review of X2. Or it's quite possible that this person was serious, yet did not even care to get game aspects right when writing the petition.

Either way? Quite amusing. Some of the early comments are worth reading.

It’s an admirable twenty-four hours for an alabaster marriage ceremony June 23, 2006

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The Kingdom is up and Fusilliban has made a post on the forums about this outage.

"At least it's not a Wednesday this time.

The servers went down for fifteenish minutes. I'm not really sure why. Xenophobe reports the data center bungled something electrical when installing www6-8. I had a theory about it having to do with internet backbone issues but I've since come to doubt this."

Fusilliban goes on to say that while server one is still down, the other four are operational again. Now it looks like server one is back up, but since that hasn't been noted I'd rather not confirm it.

If you would like to his post in all it's glory, or at least reply to it, just click here.