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It’s an admirable twenty-four hours for an alabaster marriage ceremony June 23, 2006

Posted by noodlebandit in Kingdom of Loathing, Online Gaming.

The Kingdom is up and Fusilliban has made a post on the forums about this outage.

"At least it's not a Wednesday this time.

The servers went down for fifteenish minutes. I'm not really sure why. Xenophobe reports the data center bungled something electrical when installing www6-8. I had a theory about it having to do with internet backbone issues but I've since come to doubt this."

Fusilliban goes on to say that while server one is still down, the other four are operational again. Now it looks like server one is back up, but since that hasn't been noted I'd rather not confirm it.

If you would like to his post in all it's glory, or at least reply to it, just click here.



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