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Give me your heart and I’ll love you till Tuesday July 19, 2006

Posted by noodlebandit in Kingdom of Loathing, MMPORG, monsters, Online Gaming, Updates.

I’m a fan of the new area. Not only does it have an interesting monster, but the ways people are beating the monster are also pretty amusing. I won’t spoil the methods, but some of them will probably show up on the KoL Forums or at soredandsaucery within the next few days.

I also like the new ore, I can hardly wait until I see the new things the smithers can make with them. A bubblewrap sword maybe? Maybe it will POP like the Clown Hammer SQUEAKs. Too much to hope for?  Apparently.  The KoL Wiki has dashed my hopes with it’s listing of the new weapons.  Evidently, the description is “This is a sword crafted from bubblewrap. You’re not sure how it manages to not pop itself, what with it being so sharp and all.”
Darnit!  Oh well, please check this part of the KoL Wiki for spoilerific information on the new area, monster and the items.



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