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Do you loathe? March 7, 2007

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So much has happened during these past months. We have both mourned death and celebrated engagements. With every door that closes a new one seems to open, and while we miss those who have left us or been lost to us, we still fondly remember all those good times. We forge new friendships and learn that old friends are not always what they seem.

This community tends to follow every cliché and it’s still new, still fascinating or devastating. And though while we have our little dramas or our actual tragedies, we still seem to stay together as a whole. Still support each other like a community should.

I’m proud of that. Proud of the friends I have and the friends I will make.  Content to be a cliché.


Rumors, planning and confirmations, oh my! July 13, 2006

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GrokTheMad (#459384) has confirmed that Amp sent the new Radio KoL items out the the DJs last night, but that the items had been “in the works for nearly a year.” Thanks Grok! Everyone else I asked seemed to have missed my question. Busy, busy DJs!

And I promise that I will write that post on the new items, new inventory feature and that new mini-quest involving Doc Galaktik! Soon, I swear…

Dawn’s in trouble, it must be Tuesday. Wait, wrong fandom… July 12, 2006

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The radio does not exist to give us free crap, but that doesn’t prevent us from jumping up and down if we win something. And now? Now we have more things to squeal over like the geeks some of us are! Aside from the updates and new mini-quest related content New Radio KoL items have been rolled out and I have to say they look pretty neat.

One rumor was that the new rkol items were actually introduced on July 7th in honor of Radio KoL’s second anniversary, but I hadn’t seen anything about the new items until today. I’ll try my best to figure out why this is when I was told that they were in the system on the 7th. Click the ‘more’ link to see the items.

I also apologize for this not being as entertaining as I try to make my posts, but it is two in the morning and WordPress ate my previous post on this topic. Trust me when I say that that post was funnier. (more…)

We are not worthy, we are not worthy! July 9, 2006

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While I’m not actually in such awe that I would worship Riff Wayne’s World style, I am impressed and amused. Very, very amused. It really was a fun quest and I loved every moment of it. Granted, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, but that was part of the appeal. I was allowed to over-think it and no one could spoil it for me. It was shiny and new!

Good going Riff, as well as anyone else who may have been involved. You may not like my wanting to have “Birch Beer” as a KoL item, but you can do a damn good quest. I’m eager to find out what else you have in store for us, even if I might regret it.

Tragic Thursday June 22, 2006

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The system is down, though not exactly for nightly maintenance. That's right, something has gone wonky in the Kingdom… again. It's not horrible, but it is amusing considering KoL's past.  I asked Glebs if my Internet was acting up or if 'Jick had screwed something up again.' He replied that Jick is, of course on his honeymoon and Xeno is working on it.

Xeno and all of the Dev team seem to be wonderful people, though under-appreciated. So thanks guys. We do love to mock Jick for things like White Wednesday, and we may whine and moan about glitches but you do a great job. We get cool updates, cool items and nerfs that we get irritated about but then get over.
Speaking of updates, before KoL went down I got to play with the new 'quick skills' feature. It's actually pretty neat, you can cast skills and buffs from the top frame, as well as use MP restorers. I foresee this being very useful for peak farming, at least if you don't already use KoL Mafia.

nerf nerf nerf June 19, 2006

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Chow meins and reagents and skills, oh my! Yes, during NoodleBandit's absence there have been many updates. From chow meins and reagents, to skills and an new outfit. I declare the chow mein nerf quite evil, but still a grand idea. Of course, it dealt quite a blow to my plan of making as many chow meins as possible to give away at a later date. Now it's a bit harder.Check out this link for more info on reagent potion changes. Jick does mention a few of the other changes, but doesn't provide much information. I will however, state that his quote regarding chow meins, "They're no longer made via normal cooking, but by a mechanism you'll discover by playing around," seems to be a bit… off. I don't really think there is a way most classes could figure out the change without help, but maybe that's just me being oblivious.

On top of those things? A new outfit that is… sort of related to the Badger familiar and the Penguin Mafia's new Raffle House. Mmm, raffle house. Quite addicting even though some sort of glitch kept second place prizes from being given out for a few days. In return we get to have six second prize slots rather than the normal three.

And on yet another topic, look! Pictures from connectiKoL! Mizzkyttie was kind enough to host quite a few photos Alhanna took at the event! Thanks Mizzkyttie. Click on the photo to go to the pictures page.


UPDATE! While the above photo is from Alhanna's collection, Doc Trauma is now showing off his…

Adventures in Quizland June 8, 2006

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Last night clan was a bit bored and we gathered around to take the BarKoL test. We actually sat around in a Kingdom of Loathing chatroom and talked about a quiz about KoL, because yes, we really are that geeky sometimes. We complained about there not being a decent choice regarding Radio KoL and our clan not being listed, but it was all good natured.

So without further ado, here is my result which probably would be accurate if only I had a decent memory for things.


The Penguin Mafia June 6, 2006

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This blog? Shall probably be full of minor spoilers, I doubt there will be many things said on here that you would not see in a KoL chatroom. But I am warning you anyway, because you never know who wants to read what.

Ever since the comet hit, strange things have been happening in the Kingdom of Loathing. Odd events ranging from giant blocks of ice, to strange tents being erected near the new crater. And now? Now there are Space Mafia Penguins, or that's what they have been unofficially dubbed. We even have a new 'mini' moon, the hamburgler.

All in all? Lots of new content, sometimes too much when you take into account how players tend to go nuts and spoil new events in chat. It's hard to be as excited as I was when the comet first hit, because I'm being bombarded by new events on all sides. The badger for instance! A wonderful absolutely neat familiar, but there is so much new content that comes along with that.

I'm glad to have the penguin mafia back, no doubt. They are just plain amusing, but while I look forward to their next move I am also looking forward to events calming down. To not have to remind people in chat that they are making spoiler comments in front of people who may not want to be spoiled.  I've stayed in the game because I like the community, and to have to stay only in clan chat because another channel seems to be constantly talking about the new content?  It's really too bad.

Of radio shows and ‘new’ moons June 3, 2006

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The comet's impact has been confirmed and players have been allowed back into the Kingdom of Loathing. Will there be any awful impact on the players and their familiars? What's that crater and what does it do? We're staying tuned to Radio KoL in hopes of more information. This quasi-reporter thanks you for your interest and for Radio KoL's kind invitation to give a news update on the Sleepy Panda Radio Show hosted by Merik. And what's this I hear about being engaged to you? Quite an odd rumor.

In the meantime, here are a few new photos.

The new look of the moons

Poor Grimace

Huh, what? OW!

KoL's wonderful Darwins

Kaboom! June 3, 2006

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As you well know from my earlier rant, a comet was coming towards the Kingdom (as well as it's moons). Well folks, it's hit! KoLers all over were thrown out of the Kingdom of Loathing due to the force of the impact!

Here are a few sneak peaks that people have already shared, due to a few running right in before the Dev team threw them, and their cameras, out.

Please note that these images have already been leaked, but would still be considered spoilers. If you do not wish to see the horrific images before rollover is done with, DO NOT CLICK.

The first screen we got, when we were thrown out

Oh No, what could that be?

Wait, what about this?