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Give me your heart and I’ll love you till Tuesday July 19, 2006

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I’m a fan of the new area. Not only does it have an interesting monster, but the ways people are beating the monster are also pretty amusing. I won’t spoil the methods, but some of them will probably show up on the KoL Forums or at soredandsaucery within the next few days.



Tell me about it, stud. June 25, 2006

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I'm sorry, but this? This just makes me laugh. It's a Petition to Shut down Kingdom of loathing. Apparently it's already been linked to on the forums, but I missed it. ADeadHeart even mentioned that Skully signed it. A fair amount of KoLers have signed it as well, though in jest.

Why? Because it's poorly written and thus very, very funny. Terrible and actually innacurate reasons to shut down the game. Maybe it's a joke petition, somewhat similar to the fake review of X2. Or it's quite possible that this person was serious, yet did not even care to get game aspects right when writing the petition.

Either way? Quite amusing. Some of the early comments are worth reading.

It’s better than bad… June 10, 2006

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There is a new trophy in the Kingdom of Loathing, well sort of new. They exist you just have to find them. Apparently one of the most recent ones is 'Your Log Saw Something That Night' which was discovered by Matt the Fish (#369895). Yay Matt! I'm not going to spoil the method of getting the trophy, but you can find out through the Wiki.
 Your Log Saw Something That Night

In other news I can state for a fact that The Three Amigos trophy has a few new owners, and they *do* know how to obtain it, they just aren't spreading the word around.

And in yet more news, something odd is going on around the former observatory. Maybe you should check it out?

No really officer, I had a reason for a saucepan being in my carry-on bag… May 26, 2006

Posted by noodlebandit in MMPORG, party, social life.
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Planning for the third KoL Convention is still going strong. Though I suppose most of us are either sighing that we can't go, or commiserating about high airline prices. Darn gas and what not. Anyone think my plane ticket might be under three hundred? Probably not.