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Do you loathe? March 7, 2007

Posted by noodlebandit in Browser Based MMORPG, Kingdom of Loathing, Online Gaming, Relationships.

So much has happened during these past months. We have both mourned death and celebrated engagements. With every door that closes a new one seems to open, and while we miss those who have left us or been lost to us, we still fondly remember all those good times. We forge new friendships and learn that old friends are not always what they seem.

This community tends to follow every cliché and it’s still new, still fascinating or devastating. And though while we have our little dramas or our actual tragedies, we still seem to stay together as a whole. Still support each other like a community should.

I’m proud of that. Proud of the friends I have and the friends I will make.  Content to be a cliché.


A Malibu and coke for you, a G&T for me June 1, 2006

Posted by noodlebandit in Booze-related, Relationships, Women.
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I'm a fanfiction geek. It's a well known fact in my clan, and has been coming up more and more lately. Today I mentioned a comment in part three of J. L. Matthews' saga Slytherin Rising.

"Whoever said women are complex and mysterious creatures? Just give them lots of chocolate, red wine, massages and compliments, and agree with everything they say. It's simple. I can't believe how many men have problems with it."

Of course the first thing we nitpicked was the red wine. Who wouldn't? KoL doesn't exactly revolve around alcohol, but it's certainly popular at most KoL gatherings as well as in game. One clannie substituted white wine and I substituted margaritas. A few other popular idea were gin and tonic, Malibu and coke, and jack and coke.


We didn't stop there of course, even if it is a very funny comment, it's easy to nitpick. Massages and agreeing for example. We noted the difference between foreplay massages (or sissy foreplay massages as I called them) and deep tissue massages. Different ones for different people. And as for agreeing with everything we say? Don't. Because that will actually make us want to argue with you, some of us at least.

What? You expected a bunch of women who play a stick figure game involving puzzles, fighting and getting drunk to want docile men? Please, you've got to be kidding.