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Farewell Radio Free Foil July 20, 2006

Posted by noodlebandit in Kingdom of Loathing, Online Gaming, Radio KoL, servers, Updates, Web Radio.
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So Meranna mentioned on today’s show that the Radio Free Gear is no longer being made.  Apparently the new radio items have officially taken the place of the old radio gear as far as contests and giveaways go.  That’s not to say that they will never be given away, but it will probably be along the lines of DJs giving away ones that they already have, purchased or ones that have been donated by users.  Much like the Crimbo items.

As far as the Radio Button Candy goes?  NSurgnie has told me that no one knows if the DJs will continue to be given the RBCs, though ADeadHeart says she thinks that the DJs will still recieve the Radio Button Candy, but that “we all know things are subject to change.”

And as a bonus note, the three new servers are up and running!  You can now use servers six, sever or eight.  That means www6, www7, and www8.kingdomofloathing.com